Eupepsia Sports Science & Wellness

Located in the heart of Dubai Sports City in the ISD Football building, Eupepsia Medical Clinic offers a unique approach to sports and wellness management through integrating natural as well as progressive sports and wellness therapies to address various imbalances and improve fitness and performance with preventative, strengthening and recovery systems for athletes including athlete assessments and nutrition programs.

Drawing on the science of Ayurveda, dietetics, nutrition and physiotherapy, combined with the most advanced health screening and medical analysis, Eupepsia goes beyond treating symptoms to finding and treating the root cause providing effective solutions with lasting impact.

sports science wellness
Sports Recovery Wellness Therapies for Detox, De-stress and Rejuvenation
Physiotherapy Diet & Nutrition
Performance Assessments Weight Loss & Fitness
Strengthening & Conditioning Ayurvedic Medicine
Sports Nutrition Immunity Boosting
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