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    Terms and Conditions

    • Eligibility Criteria:
      • Successful submission of the above form is a prerequisite for participation.
      • Only participants who have submitted valid email addresses and phone numbers will be deemed eligible.
      • Exclusive eligibility is extended to parents of participants in the DOFA football league.
    • The selection of winners will be conducted randomly through the online application, wheelofnames.com
    • Each participant is eligible to win only once.
    • In the event that both parents of a DOFA participant participate separately, only one of them will be recognized as a winner if both are selected.
      • Both parents may be considered individual winners if they have two children participating in DOFA.
    • Multiple entries by the same individual will be consolidated into a single entry.
    • This contest spans three match day weekends:
      • 25th November & 26th November
      • 2nd December & 3rd December
      • 9th December & 10th December
    • Weekly prize announcements will follow every Tuesday after each match day weekend.
    • A total of 8 winners will be chosen:
      • Week 1: 2 Winners
      • Week 2: 3 Winners
      • Week 3: 3 Winners
    • Participants need not participate every week; one successful submission suffices for all subsequent weeks.
    • Prizes include footballs and accessories from Puma, activity passes from Footlab, and a special training workshop with former AC Milan Player, Luca Antonini (Date of the workshop to be announced later).
    • Weekly prizes will be distributed in the subsequent match day weekend, while grand prizes will be awarded on the day of the aforementioned workshop.
    • It is imperative to note that the special training workshop will not be rescheduled if a participant is unavailable on the designated date.
      • ISD will not provide alternate gifts to winners who miss out on the workshop.
    • Participants are exclusively eligible for the prizes mentioned above; no other prizes will be awarded.
    • All decisions made by ISD regarding this Raffle contest will be deemed final.


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